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    Zhongshan leip emperor electric appliance co., LTD.

    Leip emperor, is founded 2004 Years,Is a collection research and development、Production、Manufacturing、Sales for the integration of the kitchen electric appliance co., LTD,Specializing in the production of oil absorption、Gas stoves、Disinfect cupboard、Integrated kitchen kitchen series products, etc。Factory today,Leip emperor has precipitation13Years of professional hutch defends electric appliance manufacturing experience and ability,Has the largest kitchen appliances in south ChinaOEMManufacturing base,One of the most advanced manufacturing enterprises as a kitchen appliances,At the same time also numerous well-known brandsOEMHutch defends contract manufacturers。

    Company currently three big industry module:Leip emperor brand、Palmer los integrated kitchen brand、High-end hutch OEM The project。Strong manufacturing capabilities、Smart industrial park area covers an area of leip emperor5Million square meters。Has more than the technology leader of the nation's modernization many automatic production lines and advanced testing equipment。Used for manufacturing oil absorption、Gas stoves,Disinfection cabinet,Integrated kitchen and other categories。



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    The continuation of the Mediterranean culture with a global view of the brand,He rundong divas endorsement complete coverage of CCTV and satellite TV system,A full build“Can to pass the information to each store”The network information platform

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    One of the best materials,The standardization of the most mature technology and the most reasonable solution,The most impressive products is always the best selling products,Perfect human-machine interaction--Is the maker of supreme pursuit

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    Twelve years kitchen electrical professional manufacturing experience our efforts never cease,At the top of the domestic research and development team every year hundreds of new product

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    The standardization of the domestic the most mature management mode of regional exclusive privilege,You are responsible for setting up shop,I am responsible for sales promotion to create and win-win

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