Peach sheng fused quartz co., LTD., established in lianyungang1990Years,Have a self-manufactured products。The company is located in national level“The east China sea silicon industry base”And at the provincial level“The spark technology concentration areas”Inside,Cover an area of an area12Million square meters,The construction area3.6Million square meters,Power load32000KVA。
    Since the factory since the company in constant development、Grow。At present,Has formed from the purification of raw materials to high purity fused silica production、Processing、The sale is a body,Capable of producing86000Tons of high purity fused silica production line,Become the largest production enterprises in the global output of high purity fused silica,Products are exported to France、The United Kingdom、The Czech republic、Belgium、Germany、The United States、Japan、South Korea、Taiwan and other countries and regions。
    The company always adhere to the“Quality first、The user is supreme”The purposes and entrepreneurship“Rely on science and technology,Constant innovation”The concept of development,In2004Years6Months passed smoothlyISO9001:2000The international quality management system certification,Continue to strengthen with the colleges and universities、Scientific research units of cooperation、Especially to strengthen the cooperation with foreign customers,According to the requirements for product quality,Continuously improve production process,The implementation of science and technology research projects“Quartz glass ceramic with high purity low iron molten silicon micro powder” BE2006379;Provincial spark and subei guide capital projects“Semiconductor quartz ceramic crucible with high amorphous ultra high purity fused silica powder” BC2007337;The technical transformation and new product development projects have been completed3Items,Won the science and technologyAAAGrade credit enterprise and provincial high-tech enterprises。
    Our main products are:High purity fused silica、High purity fused quartz sand、High purity fused Shi Yingwei powder、Fused silica、Fused quartz sand、The molten Shi Yingwei powder,These products are mainly applied in polycrystalline silicon ingot casting with solar crucible、Electrons、The semiconductor、Aeronautics and astronautics、Quartz glass ceramic roller、Precision casting(Alternative zircon sand、Zircon powder,Cost can be reduced50%)High-grade refractory materials and other fields。
    The company will firmly clinging to more premium quality、Low price to meet customer demand,Sincerely welcome new and old friends at home and abroad to come to visit the guidance、To discuss cooperation.Let us in mutually beneficial trade to establish mutual trust and friendship。
Lianyungang peach sheng fused quartz co., LTD., was awarded the quality management system certification



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