Puyang city jintai wood industry co., LTD. Is a set design、Manufacturing、Sales and after sales in the integration of professional office furniture company。Companies adhering to the“For product、In order to quality as the base”The management idea,Stick to it“With excellent quality customer office environment”As own duty,Fusion“Culture、Art”As the design concept,To build all-round for customers“Environmental protection、Human nature、Fashion、Efficiency”In an office environment。     Create beauty、Function of both the quality of the furniture,To make a health office、Efficient ideal space。No matter your industry、The required size、Position,Xinda clover can provide professional office furniture solutions,To match your needs,Tim has established strategic cooperation relations with many high-end brands,Devise innovative product solutions,Deducing the forefront of international design trends。Our product solutions,It is in order to solve the problem of customer daily office。Our design、The sales team,Will close interaction with the customers。For customers to create a comfortable、Efficient、Beautiful、The vibrant office space。      “Where is the customer,Where is our service”,High Vatican grasps“Quality"The enterprise business philosophy,In order to"Customer satisfaction"For the purpose,To provide a full range of office space as a whole solution, Focus on the future,Continuous innovation,Always keep the promise,Good office life than for the customer!    。
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    Decades of experience in precipitation Achievements in furniture industry status
    Market research for years,Insight into the global industry technology development trend,Understand relevant family furniture product demand in the field of application
    Developed a series of new furniture:The ancient classic、Fashion model、European style、Personality type、High-end,Meet the needs of all kinds of people。
    The design of the products to science、The appearance of the fashion、The exquisite workmanship、Advanced functions and meticulous service,Rely on the advantages of public area,Successfully create furniture industry leader。
    Decades of experience in precipitation Achievements in furniture industry status}
  • Strong research and development strength Is the guarantee of our joint customers demand}


    Strong research and development strength Is the guarantee of our joint customers demand
    Mr Wood industry pays attention to the design and development of the product,On the market research demonstration at the same time,Visit to milan, Italy and Germany cologne organizes professional furniture fair。Aimed at the international market,Product design follows the international fashion,With concise and lively style,Reflect a red products fashion forward,Exquisite and practical,Concise and elegant style,The product contains the east、The essence of western culture。
    With advanced production equipment,Excellent production technology and perfect service system,According to the customer to provide style、Size、Materials and other information for your high-end custom tailored distinctive style。
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    Perfect after-sale service system Purchase more at ease
    Built entirely carried out in accordance with the advanced international standard design、Manufacturing、Inspection,And consistently uphold “Quality first、Service first”The aim of the,Service in customer。
    Pre-sale product selection、Process design services
    The sale also assign personnel real-time tracking,Real-time observation using condition and give guidance
    After listen to user feedback,Timely update formula
    Technical support for application,Technical engineers, and other engineering and technical personnel to the collaboration
    Perfect after-sale service system Purchase more at ease}

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