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  • Free trade area in hainan(Port of destination)

The main business


Proprietary programs

Carry forward the spirit of craftsmen,Create the high-quality goods project。At the early stages of the project planning、In the process of development and construction,We insist on importance、Strives for perfection the spirit of the principle...

Cooperation projects

Since2013Years4Month since Ann ecological new town construction of science and technology,Has a group of large enterprises cooperation and domestic well-known corporation of co-operation,The cooperation unit...

PPPThe project

The company for cooperation projects13A project,Will be divided into municipal road package(A)、Municipal road package(2)、River three reform packagePPPProject package。

Investment and financing work

As the Ann more perfect ecological new town of science and technology infrastructure,Company to speed up the pace of the development of the diversification and collectivization,Gradually to the municipal state-owned capital...

Construction project

Since its establishment,The municipal government、The high-tech zone of a batch of construction project,The business incubator, and other project has been completed and put into use,Is...