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About the sanitary ware
The haining f sanitary ware co., LTD. Is located in the leather,Bore the holy land haining, zhejiang province。From Shanghai only130Kilometers,Hangzhou xiaoshan international airport60More than kilometers,The transportation is convenient,Convenient for travel and the dealings between around。The f sanitary ware as advocates of sanitary ware industry innovation marketing idea,Brings together many sanitary ware development technology,Experts in the field of sanitary design。With our research and development、Production、Sales of all kinds of technology in a wide range of fittings and accessories for the main management means ...
Adhere to independent research and development
Our main parts on the product research and development production with urea-formaldehyde materials--Have good insulation and bactericidal function。Accessories is the high-grade stainless steel、Copper、AndABSEngineering plastics。
Always leading quality
We always adhere to the“Good faith for this,Quality first”Business philosophy,The pursuit of endless quality management and technical innovation。
The service is supreme Create tomorrow
Committed to building international reputation of the famous sanitary ware brand,Strive to become the industry benchmark。Company has advanced large-scale production equipment and high-quality management team。

 The exhibition information 

  2016The first21The China international kitchen、Sanitary facilities exhibition

2016The first21The China international kitchen、Sanitary facilities exhibition will be held2015Years6Month1Day? 4Held in Shanghai new international expo center, and at the same time,There will be millions of tickets and invitation CARDS carefully according to the organizational units to establish database of domestic and foreign buyers timely service professionals;In addition by the government、Each relevant industry association、Social organizations、The official visitors、Trade visitors、Experts to visit to the site... ....


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